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Enterprise Email Archiving Solutions: Best Answer to Emails Storage and Access Problems

In 2012, the volume of business mails sent and received daily was 89 billion. According to the leading marketing firm The Radicati Group Inc., the number is expected to increase to more than 143 billion by the end of 2016. From the above mentioned statistics, it is clear that the utilization of electronic mailing system in various enterprises improves with a faster pace in the future. With rising email usage, business vulnerability will also increase if the important business messages are not securely stored. It is here that enterprise email archiving solutions play a major role. The answer enables you to easily safely store multiple mails for restricted access any moment later on.

Major benefits of enterprise email archiving solution are listed below:

Storage Management

Email archival lets you improve your messaging server space. It removes the older emails thereby creating additional space for your new messages to have stored. However, removal of older mails doesn't mean they are lost or deleted. These mails are merely transferred to a centralized database where they can be easily accessed.

All Time Access

Electronic mails stored in the archive may be accessed, 24/7 with no hassle. Of course the users can restrict viewing of mails from the archive by removing the names of people such as ex-employees and so on.

Legal Discovery

eDiscovery has gained tremendous importance specifically in the wake of a lot of organizations using emails and electronic documents to prove their innocence in a civil lawsuit. A business can be fined, its registration canceled, etc. in case it fails to produce required data and messages in the court of law up against the charges brought against it.

Email Compliance

In order to prevent harassment resulting in establishing the corporate brand value, it means protection of an organization's intellectual property. Relevant business emails need to be properly protected and encrypted so that no 3rd party can view the identical. Email compliance has therefore become very important for companies to fully eliminate email violations, spamming, and malware.

Enterprise email archiving solutions could be cloud based or in-house. Before the emergence of cloud-based emailing solution, businesses used in-house or on-premise ones. However, introduction of cloud email archiving has made many organizations to switch over to this model.

One of the leading benefits of cloud email archiving services are its inexpensive nature. Budget constrained companies can simply begin accessing a cloud emailing solution for better business communication management. No software or hardware equipment must be purchased or installed within the premises. Similarly, maintenance cost or up-gradation cost is zero in the case of a cloud-based emailing service.

By emptying the inbox so that new digital mails can easily get stored, cloud email archiving solution offers great storage space. All older ones are transferred to the centralized database for quick accessing of the identical, round the clock. Email access could be restricted by removing names of the people whom you think should be forbidden from checking business emails.

To conclude, best of cloud or non-cloud based enterprise email archiving solutions let people access corporate information from remote locations and data centers live. No client server or software is required to access the solution.